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Raising Awareness About Pollution in Local Waters

Since 1999, OCS has coordinated an on-the-water kayak clean up of Marina del Rey and Ballona Creek. We have worked with local organizations and business to get people out on the water to see the effects of urban runoff and litter on our coastal waters.

kayakers at OCS kayak clean-up
Volunteer kayakers being towed to pollution clean-up sites in Marina del Rey

Actively Involving the Community

While these events are open to everyone, OCS has worked with many schools and community groups from inland underprivileged areas to provide this unique opportunity to people who would otherwise not have the opportunity to go out on the ocean.

Typically, these events take place in Marina del Rey on Earth Day and Coastal Clean Up Day. OCS provides logistical support and organization and COBRA Kayaks provides the boats. In past events, we have invited representatives from other environmental groups to participate by disseminating information on additional “hands-on” programs that interested volunteers can take advantage of. The idea behind this event is to help create a sense of stewardship by putting people out on the ocean and creating a connection that they will value and protect.

Middle school childern after kaayk clean-up
Middle school students after a day out on the water

kayakers being loaded into Cobra kayaks
OCS Staff assists volunteers into kayaks for supervised clean-up teams


Measurable Results

Working with an all volunteer staff of over 50 people, we have safely put over 2500 people out on the water and cleaned over 4 tons of trash and debris from the waters of Marina del Rey. This program has been covered by many news agencies including CNN, CBS, NBC and the LA Times.

trash collecetd by kayaker LADP boat with trash collected during clean-up
Trash removal in the marina via kayaks and boats


This program will continue as soon as we are able to secure additional funding for it.
Please contact us for more information, or make a tax - deductible donation:


kayak clean-up crew in Marina del Rey

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