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Marine Biology Internship Experience with the Los Angeles Dolphin Project

  • LADP Dolphin Field Surveys
    Conduct photo ID and collect collect various types of data and behavioral information on marine mammals in the Southern California Bight. Surveys take place during weekdays.

  • Lab Assistance
    Enter data in computers, do photo-id & bibliography research, catalog video footage, analyze data, help with prey ID and sample preparation, etc.

Eligibility Requirements

Interns should have some background in oceanography/marine biology, photography, bioacoustics, videography, statistics, boating or a combination thereof. Researchers spend many hours on the water and interns should be physically able to handle the routine jobs and duties occurring on a boat, as well as the possibility of adverse weather and sea conditions.


Interns should be available on a regular basis for surveys carried out weekdays from Marina del Rey, CA, generally commencing at 7:30 AM. Interns must be able to regularly participate in data entry sessions, photo ID sessions, or other team meetings or lab work as determined by the project director. Preference will be given to those able to make a long-term commitment to the project. Space is limited and we will only take a few new interns each year.

Application Process

Please email your resume and cover letter to:




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