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Comprehensive, Marine Mammal Training Courses for Educators

OCS offers a comprehensive training course for teachers of elementary, middle and secondary schools on marine mammals, their habitat, conservation and protection. The seminar is divided into two parts: orientation and on-the-water classes. Teachers learn marine mammal ecology and a general overview of marine biology research techniques aboard the Los Angeles Dolphin Project research vessel. Supplementary curriculum materials and in-class activities are reviewed and resources supporting continuing education are presented:



Teaching Marine Mammal Ecology and Sustainability

An initial four-hour orientation meeting covers: marine mammal ecology, field research and its importance, conservation/environmental threats and issues, supplementary curricula and resources, and Q & A session.  The purpose of this orientation is to make teachers more aware, not only of dolphin ecology, but of the serious problems facing marine ecosystems and the need for changing our habits toward a sustainable future.

land-based dolphin survey
Teachers participating in a land-based dolphin survey


Experiential Learning Aboard the Los Angeles Dolphin Project Research Boat

Teachers will accompany the Los Angeles Dolphin Project on actual surveys aboard the LADP research boat. Teachers will learn about the ecology of marine mammal species present in the Southern California Bight and the techniques used to study them, as well as an overview of basic oceanography. We will cover acquisition methods and analysis or photo-id, surface and underwater video and bioacoustic recordings, using actual data collected by LADP researchers. OCS believes that an experience of this nature will significantly enhance the training program and provide teachers with an excellent knowledge of local marine mammals and the workings and objectives of the LADP. This educational program is conducted under the NOAA Southwest Region Marine Mammal Viewing Guidelines. Special consideration will be given to environmental problems facing these animals and their habitat such as pollution, storm-water runoff, spills, and harassment.

OCS Q&A Sessions
Q & A sessions ensure individualized attention


  • The OCS Teacher Training Seminar cost per person is $ 600.00 and includes training manual and materials, breakfast and lunch on survey days.
  • Group discounts are available, please contact us for additional information and scheduling.
  • OCS will be happy to collaborate in the submission of teacher enhancement / continuing education grants to facilitate programs. Please contact us for details.

Teacher training seminars meaningfully impact students
Completion of the course helps you make meaningful impacts on your students


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